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Assun Build is an institution that can minimize its costs thanks to its advanced technical and technological infrastructure.

Assun Construction, which adopts the understanding of quality and trust at every stage of the process from project design to turnkey delivery, continues its existence in the construction sector with its hundreds of professional and experienced staff.

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With our professional expertise service, we develop projects on the land and determine how your vacant land can be used efficiently and turned into effective projects.



By our architects, the discovery of the land on which the project will be made, its scaling, the preparation of the settlement plan, the determination of the transportation, road, electricity, water and sewerage connections of the land, again the directions of the land; In other words, it is designed by considering steps such as determining the north-south axes for wind, east-west axes for light, topography, and extracting landscape features.



It is the real stage of the architectural project, which includes the smallest details of the project, such as wall, door, window types, material dimensions, downspouts, roof heights, column dimensions, beams and all kinds of information.



It is the process where the projects, which are drawn from the beginning to the end by considering the smallest details, reach the turnkey stage after the implementation phase ends.

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